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Código: 9159
pvc pergola garden duramax 
Pvc garden pergola marquee duramax
cmm high-203 x W-257 x L-381 cmm cmm.

pvc pergola garden duramax 
PVC panels and laminate estrusado
semi Panels
Protection with fire retardant
Galvanized steel structure
Roof with a water fall
Unaffected by weather conditions
easy assembly
10 year warranty tuv certificate
Served in one box
Ideal for small cars, bikes, quads, etc..
Outside dimensions LxWxH: 3810x2570x2030 mm
Interior Dimensions LxWxH: 3690x2450x1800 mm
Door Step WIDTHxHEIGHT: 2240x1900 mm
Panel Material: PVC Laminated
Housing Material: galvanized steel
Surface: 9,79 m2
€ 775.00

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